ABC’s of Leadership (E) – Empower

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The ABC’s of Leadership (Day 5): Empower

True power is the power to empower others. (Rhymefest)


Day 5 – ‘E’
ABC's of Leadership (Empower)

ABC’s of Leadership (Empower)

Micromanagement is dangerous.  It’s dangerous because everyone, and every living thing, needs room to breathe, grow and expand.

Leaders smothering teams slow progress.  Managers are concerned with centralizing power (with themselves) and being in control of as many decisions and activities as possible.  Teams working in these conditions feel stifled – choked if you will – by the approach. Remember, everything wants to breathe, grow and expand – especially people.

Leaders are those who empower others. (Bill Gates).

The Oxford Dictionary defines empower as a verb, meaning: give (someone) the authority or power to do something; (v)make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

There may be organizations where a lack of empowerment works.  But, those situations are likely exceptions to the rule (regulatory, safety, etc.).

Want your team to grow? Do you want them to progress? Empower them.

Do you want to have time to focus your time? Are you focusing your energy on strategic activities? If not, remove yourself from making every decision.

Have faith and confidence your team’s ability to perform. Trust them.  Let them make mistakes.  Trust that they will fix their problems.

Any leader who has enough time to make every decision isn’t making the best use of their time, or their team’s talent. Give your teams, and yourself, the gift of freedom by empowering them.

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