ABC’s of Leadership (G) – Go

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The ABC’s of Leadership (Day 7): Go

Go. Engage. Act.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are. (Unknown)


Day 7 – ‘G’
ABC's of Leadership (Go)

ABC’s of Leadership (Go)

Years ago, I was consulted for a major automotive manufacturer.  The culture was unique, and I learned about the art, and science of their business.  I also learned about their style of leadership.

I thought leadership was passive: leaders sat in their offices, in their ivory towers, directing their teams via memos, emails and phone calls.  But, I learned a better definition: leadership is about engagement.

Specifically, I learned that go(ing) to the spot (GTTS) is where leaders thrive.  GTTS drives puts leaders front-and-center with business imperatives.  I saw client executives on the production line talking with line-level employees.  The employees shared concerns, suggestions and insights helping their executives learn exactly where, and how, they needed to focus.  Nothing got lost in translation, and the real impacts were tangible.

GTTS encourages engaged leadership, especially when addressing problems.  I learned the best way for leaders to be effective was to push them directly into areas needing attention (or improvement).  Being present, where your team needs you, and when they need you, increases understanding of challenges, the team, and how you can add value.

Leaders are most effective when they are present.

Be an action-oriented leader.  Spend the time to be where your team needs you.  Go!

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“The ABC’s of Leadership” is a web series highlighting principles of leadership.

Each day, we’ll highlight a new focus area and concept.  Done in partnership with Dale Richardson, a Podcast Host and John Maxwell Team certified speaker, trainer and coach, we’ll also offer a podcast exploring each idea further.

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