ABC’s of Leadership (J) – Journey

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The ABC’s of Leadership (Day 10): Journey

Every leadership experience is a journey of decisions and change.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. (Ernest Hemmingway)


Day 10 – ‘J’
ABC's of Leadership (Journey)

ABC’s of Leadership (Journey)

So many of us have it all wrong.  Leadership isn’t a ladder, it’s a series of ladders.  There’s no end point for leadership.  There’s only where you are now, and the possibility of what’s to come. Rinse, repeat.

Leadership research and perspective agrees. A 2002 Harvard Business Review commentary best summarized the essence of leadership:

…leadership is about more than heavy-handed action from the top. Its defining characteristics change according to the needs and vagaries of the individual, the organization, the industry, and the world at large. In other words, leadership is not a state, it’s a journey. (Leonard Schaeffer)

Leadership is evolutionary.  It’s an opportunity to constantly reinvent yourself.  Leadership is a series of decisions, steps, and people experiences.

But, what’s often forgotten, is that the journey can, and should, be fun! I’ve yet to discover any research, or person, who thought leadership was better boring!  After all, effective leadership requires personal relationships; getting to know people, their needs, their values, and sharing those things about yourself.

So, make the choice to be a person first.  Offer your smile, your personality, your vulnerability.  Create an environment where hard work is driven by passion, and where fun is the currency of change.

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